Knee and Shoulder Injury Specialist Questions and Answers

If you are experiencing symptoms of shoulder or knee pain such as aching, shooting pain, or joint pain, then it is essential to receive care from an experienced orthopedic surgeon then visit NorthShore Orthopedics. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online! We serve patients from Wailea, Kihei, Hana, Lahaina, Kaanapali, Lana’i, Moloka‘i, Oahu, Kaua’i, and Hawai’i Island.

Knee and Shoulder Injury Specialist Near Me in Wailuku, Maui, HI
Knee and Shoulder Injury Specialist Near Me in Wailuku, Maui, HI

How do I care for my knee and shoulder?

For anyone who is active and likes to exercise, staying on top of your musculoskeletal health is a must. From joint pain to tendonitis, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your knees and shoulders if you do not keep them healthy throughout the year. At NorthShore Orthopedics, we know that it can be painful and uncomfortable to sustain a shoulder or knee injury, and that it requires expert care to feel better as soon as possible. While minor pain can go untreated for a while, this can usually cause problems down the road and require additional medical intervention. That is why it is important to receive medical care and consultation as soon as you begin to experience knee and shoulder pain or discomfort. At our conveniently located clinic in Wailuku, HI our experienced orthopedic physician, Dr. Soma, can provide the diagnosis and treatment that will make your knee or shoulder feel better as soon as possible. Our entire team provides compassionate and timely orthopedic care to patients of all ages in the Wailuku area.

What causes shoulder and knee pain?

Shoulder and knee injuries can vary widely, from dislocations to ACL tears. Getting the appropriate and accurate diagnosis for your injury is an essential part of the injury recovery process, and requires a team of trained and experienced orthopedic experts. When you come into NorthShore Orthopedics for treatment, our team will provide the appropriate diagnostics for your shoulder or knee injury. This can involve X-rays or a physical exam, depending on your symptoms and the severity of the injury. Following that, we can provide you with the appropriate medical treatment for your knee or shoulder injury. From surgical interventions to medical prescriptions, there are various ways to treat a knee or shoulder injury, and only some may be right for your specific needs. Dr. Soma has years of experience in orthopedic surgery and provides the appropriate care for patients of all ages who are suffering from shoulder and knee injuries, as well as other orthopedic injuries and illnesses. If you are experiencing symptoms of shoulder or knee pain, such as aching, shooting pain, or joint pain, then it is essential to receive care from an experienced orthopedic surgeon.

What are the most common sources of shoulder pain?

There are 4 primary categories under which shoulder issues can fall. Tendon issues including inflammation or tears, instability, arthritis, and fractures can all cause significant issues. Nerve issues, infection, and even tumors can also cause shoulder pain and reduced mobility, however these last 3 are far less common than the others.

How to you treat a knee injury?

Injuries that occur in the knee can vary in severity, from tears in muscles and ligaments to dislocations. It’s vital to get an accurate and quick diagnosis immediately so you can begin the recovery process correctly. You need a trained team of orthopedic experts to evaluate your injury. Our board-certified doctors and staff at NorthShore Orthopedics are ready to help you! We will give you a thorough examination, which can include a complete physical exam and x-rays of your injury. Our evaluation will be determined by the severity of the symptoms you are experiencing. Our diagnostics will help our providers determine the best course of action to treat your injury. There are many ways to treat knee injuries, but some may work better than others depending on your injury.

Does NorthShore provide treatment for shoulder and knee?

If you are looking for the best possible orthopedic services in the Wailuku area, then contact us today at NorthShore Orthopedics for more information and to schedule an appointment. We work with patients of all ages and are open throughout the week to provide our medical services. Our entire team is compassionate and friendly, and wants to help you recover from your injury as soon as possible. We hope our team can help you feel better soon at NorthShore Orthopedics!