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Dr. Charles Soma Specializes in Ankle Sprains, Fractures, Knee and Shoulder Injuries, Tendonitis and Cartilage Injuries Near Maui, HI. For More Information Contact Us Today at (808) 369-9337 or Simply Request an Appointment Online.

Sports Medicine Doctor Near Me Maui, HI

Do your children enjoy being involved in sporting activities? Is physical fitness and activity an important part of your life? Have you ever experienced pain, or an injury, related to sporting activities and exercise? It is important for you to not let an injury like this go untreated as it will have an effect on your overall health and well-being. Do you, and your children have an experienced sports medicine doctor? If you live in or near Maui then you have access to one of the best sports medicine doctors. NorthShore Orthopedics is the place to go for the highest quality medical care for any orthopedic pain or injuries.

What is involved in sports medicine?

Sports medicine is a medical field directly related to comprehensive care, including diagnosis and treatment, for injury and illness associated with being physically active. If you have ever suffered from an ankle sprain, fracture, knee injury, shoulder injury, tendonitis, and/or cartilage injury then a sports medicine specialists can provide the help you need. Dr. Charles Soma of NorthShore Orthopedics has been treating patients of all ages with a wide variety of injuries.

What are common sporting relate injuries?

One of the most common injuries related to sporting activity and other forms of physical exercise is a sprained ankle. This occurs when a person rolls, twists, or turns their ankle in a way that stretches, or tears, the ligaments holding the ankle bones together. Depending on the severity of the injury, a person will experience pain, swelling, bruising, restricted mobility, and instability in the ankle. Another common injury is a bone fracture, in which a bone is broken because physical force is exerted on the bone, and is stronger than the bone. If you enjoy running, or a sporting activity involving running, then you might have experienced knee injuries. These injuries often include a tear in the meniscus, and sprained ligaments, to name just a few. Shoulder injuries are also commonly related to sporting activity, such as shoulder dislocation, joint tear, and rotator cuff tear. Both professional and amateur athletes can suffer from tendonitis, a condition involving irritation and inflammation of a tendon. Cartilage injuries can also be relatively common in the world of sports. This is a flexible tissue that is found throughout your body and can be damaged during a sudden injury or because of gradual wear and tear. These are only a few of the wide variety of injuries that Dr. Soma has years of experience in treating.

How can Dr. Soma help you and your family?

Here at NorthShore Orthopedics Dr. Charles Soma is a sports medicine specialist who is dedicated to providing you with individualized, and effective treatments for your orthopedic injuries. He is a licensed sports medicine doctor who has years of specialized education, training, and experience. The entire medical team at NorthShore Orthopedics understand how important it is to feel your best and be able to engage in the activities you love. Dr. Soma will help you enjoy your active lifestyle by properly diagnosing injuries, and recommending the best treatment options available according to your personal needs. Treatments could possibly include medication, physical therapy, and at times minor surgery. Your overall health and well-being is important to us, so we will also discuss your nutrition, and steps you can take to prevent future injury. If your injury is not severe, or life-threatening, then skip the emergency room and come to NorthShore Orthopedics to receive care from the best sports medicine doctor in Maui.

Don’t put your life on hold permanently because of a sports related injury. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Soma today and find out how you can get back to your active lifestyle. For more information contact us today at (808) 369-9337, or simply go online and request an appointment.

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