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Shoulder Pain Treatments Near Me in Maui, HI

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Shoulder Pain Treatments Near Me Maui, HI

The shoulder is a complex part of the body consisting of several joints and a series of tendons and muscles that work in tandem to provide you with a 360-degree range of motion. When you suffer an injury in your shoulder, it can take a toll on you every day. The experienced doctors at NorthShore Orthopedics in Wailuku, HI can help you reduce pain in your shoulder and enjoy improved mobility.

What are the most common sources of shoulder pain?

There are 4 primary categories under which shoulder issues can fall. Tendon issues including inflammation or tears, instability, arthritis, and fractures can all cause significant issues. Nerve issues, infection, and even tumors can also cause shoulder pain and reduced mobility, however these last 3 are far less common than the others.

What treatments are available to address shoulder pain?

There are many different treatment options available, depending on the type of injury. For some patients, simply resting the shoulder may be enough to allow it to heal. Ice, compression, and over-the-counter pain medications and anti-inflammatories can all be helpful for patients with moderate soreness or pain. For more severe injuries, surgical options may be necessary. Arthroscopic surgery is often the best option, as it is minimally invasive and can repair damage and remove scar tissue.

What is a shoulder replacement surgery used for?

Shoulder replacement surgery may be used to address rotator cuff tears, arthritis, and a vascular necrosis. These are all conditions that are degenerative and can lead to increasing pain and damage within the shoulder if left untreated. Shoulder replacement surgery may also be indicated in situations where a person suffers a severe fracture where the bone has been shattered.

What is the rotator cuff?

Rotator cuff injuries are some of the most common issues experienced by patients with shoulder pain. The rotator cuff is actually a group of 4 muscles held together by tendons that attach the muscles to the upper arm bone, also called the humerus. The rotator cuff is essential to the rotation and lift of the arm because it stabilizes the shoulder. Rotator cuff tears can happen because of a specific injury or as a result of repetitive wear on the tendons. Depending on the severity of your tear, surgical intervention may be recommended in order to repair it.

What is bursitis?

Bursitis refers to inflammation of fluid-filled sacs in the shoulder joint. They provide a cushion between the moving parts of the shoulder to reduce friction as the many moving parts work in tandem when you use your shoulder. Treatment of bursitis typically involves RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation).

When should I make an appointment with a specialist?

If you know that your shoulder pain is the result of a specific traumatic event, you should see a doctor in order to rule out a fracture or severe tear injury. If you have attempted to soothe your shoulder pain at home by resting it, icing it, or using over-the-counter medications and it has not improved, you should see a doctor. If your shoulder pain is severe enough that it negatively impacts your ability to use your arm, you should contact a specialist so they can properly evaluate your shoulder.

If you are suffering with shoulder pain that does not dissipate or is the result of a fall or other injury, contact NorthShore Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment and discuss your treatment options.

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