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Dr. Charles Soma Specializes in Sports Medicine, Knee & Shoulder Injury, Fractures & Sprains and PRP. We Are Conveniently Located at 1827 Wells St #1, Wailuku, HI 96793. For More Information Call Us Today at (808) 369-9337 or Simply Request an Appointment Online.

Have you found yourself making concessions on what you enjoy most in life because of pain in your joints or muscles? Are you experiencing pain that can make even the most routine activities in life a real challenge? Are you looking to find relief from your orthopedic pain? Then look no further! At NorthShore Orthopedics Dr. Charles Soma, MD has been assisting individuals like you in the Lahaina, Hawaii area to find the relief they so desperately need. Specializing in sports medicine, knee and shoulder injury, fractures and sprains, and PRP Dr. Soma and his team are poised to help you with your orthopedic discomfort. What is involved in possible treatment options? What can you expect from NorthShore Orthopedics?

What is involved in possible treatment options?

This will greatly depend upon the type of orthopedic challenges you are having. If you or your child is suffering from a sports related injury such as, knee or shoulder injury, fracture or sprain, then Dr. Soma and his caring and professional medical team are going to want to clearly understand your unique orthopedic challenge. It may be that a variety of treatment options are recommended which could include, nutrition, physical therapy, medications, and in some cases orthopedic surgery. In the event you have experienced an injury to your shoulder or knee it is vital to clearly understand the cause, and extent of the injury. Dr. Soma will want to thoroughly discuss with you how the injury happened, the pain that you are experiencing, and if there are activities that contribute to the pain increasing or decreasing. Once Dr. Soma has spent the time needed understanding your unique situation then he will be in the best position to recommend possible treatment options, this could include a minor surgical procedure, or orthopedic surgery. If you are experiencing pain from a fracture or sprain then you understand the pain that such orthopedic challenges can bring. At NorthShore Orthopedics Dr. Soma and his compassionate medical team specialize in treating fractures and sprains. It is vital to the recovery process to identify and treat a fracture, or sprain, as quickly as possible. When you meet with Dr. Soma and his team he will gather the facts needed in order to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment. Depending upon the type of orthopedic pain or challenge you are experiencing, another option may be PRP therapy. Designed to help you gain mobility and reduce pain, PRP can at times be used as an alternative to a more invasive procedure. If you have questions about PRR therapy Dr Soma specializes in this treatment option and would be happy to discuss, if this option is right for you.

What can you expect from NorthShore Orthopedics?

With years of experience in the field of Orthopedic Medicine you can expect the best from Dr. Soma and his professional medical team and NorthShore Orthopedics. We understand that being in pain leads to a variety of different health and even mental challenges. That is why at NorthShore Orthopedics our compassionate and professional team are dedicated to helping you to identify your best options for receiving relief. With decades of experience in Orthopedic Surgery you can be confident that if you need surgery for your orthopedic challenge Dr. Soma is the right choice. Do not continue to make concessions in life because of the pain you are in. Take control of your orthopedic pain and call the experts at NorthShore Orthopedic at (808) 369-9337, or simply request an appointmentonline. Or stop in today at our conveniently located office at 1827 Wells St #1, Wailuku, HI 96793.

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