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Orthopedic Specialist Near Me in Wailuku, HI

Dr. Charles Soma and His Professional Medical Team Specializes in Orthopedic Treatments Near Wailuku, HI. We Are Conveniently Located at 1827 Wells St #1, Wailuku, HI 96793.

Orthopedic Specialist Near Me in Wailuku, HI

Have you noticed that you are no longer able to enjoy your active lifestyle the way you once did? Do you find that pain in your bones and joints have you slowing down more and more? Does life seem to be passing you by in the fast lane? Are you ready to get back in the fast lane, enjoy a physically active lifestyle, and get the most out of island living? If you live in or near the Wailuku area then it is time to visit one of the top orthopedic specialists in your area. Dr. Charles Soma, MD is an Orthopedic specialist here on the island at NorthShore Orthopedics. He, and his professional medical team, have been helping patients with concerns like yours for many years. You do not have to spend life on the sidelines any longer!

Why might you need to see an Orthopedic specialist?

As you get older do you find that yourself trying to find remedies to mask the pain you feel in your bones and joints? Have you experienced an injury related to sporting activities, or physical exercise? These are just a few of the many reasons why you should see Dr. Charles Soma of NorthShore Orthopedics. People seek medical care from an Orthopedic Specialist for a wide variety of concerns they have involving the musculoskeletal system. Some patients are suffering from a chronic orthopedic condition, while others are suffering from complications directly related to an injury. Being involved in sporting activities, and some forms of physical exercise, can often leave a person with pain and discomfort in their bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. In addition, as a person ages they will most likely begin to feel this same kind of pain and discomfort. If you have experienced an injury to your musculoskeletal system then it is important to see Dr. Soma as soon as possible so as to prevent further injury and complications.

How can Dr. Charles Soma, MD help?

Dr. Soma is an orthopedic expert who has had extensive education, training, and years of experience in helping patients of all ages find relief from their Orthopedic conditions. He is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who is working with patients young and old to provide expert medical care in diagnosing and treating new injuries, as well as chronic orthopedic ailments. Dr. Soma and his experienced medical team specialize in sports medicine, knee injury, shoulder injury, fractures, sprains, and PRP. After a thorough physical exam we will discuss your diagnose results with you, and the best possible treatment option available for your specific medical needs. For some patients these options include prescription medication, physical therapy, and/or surgical intervention. Each patient will be given treatment options that are tailored to their individual needs, so they can get back to the things they love to do as soon as possible.

Why should you choose NorthShore Orthopedics?

When you are suffering from pain related to an injury, or chronic pain, we understand that you need to, not only receive the best medical help available, but also know that you are cared about. Here at NorthShore Orthopedics you will find each member of our knowledgeable medical staff to be highly qualified, friendly, and compassionate. We care about you as a person and know how frustrating it can be to deal with debilitating orthopedic pain. Our entire medical team is dedicated to helping you have the best medical experience here at NorthShore Orthopedics. At our state-of-the-art clinic will find that Dr. Soma, and his team of specialists, are up-to-date with the most advanced orthopedic treatments. It is time to do yourself a favor and get back in the game! Get out and enjoy all that Wailuku has to offer on this beautiful island, without that discouraging orthopedic pain. Contact NorthShore Orthopedics today and schedule your appointment. Visit our clinic conveniently located at 1827 Wells St #1, Wailuku, HI 96793.

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