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Knee Pain Treatment in Maui HI

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Knee Pain Treatment Near Me Maui, HI

If you like to be active and exercise, the health of your musculoskeletal system is a must, especially your knees. If you aren’t careful, your knee can suffer many ailments including tendonitis and joint pain. We know that a knee injury can be very painful and uncomfortable. The experts at NorthShore Orthopedics have the experience and expertise to help treat your knee injury today. While you can defer treatment for minor knee pain for a while, this can lead to further, more expensive injuries that require immediate medical intervention down the road.

So if you are experiencing knee pain in the Maui, HI area, visit our facility today and get evaluated by our excellent staff, led by an experienced orthopedic physician, Dr. Soma. We can give you a diagnosis and begin treatment to help your knee feel better as soon as possible.

Injuries that occur in the knee can vary in severity, from tears in muscles and ligaments to dislocations. It’s vital to get an accurate and quick diagnosis immediately so you can begin the recovery process correctly. You need a trained team of orthopedic experts to evaluate your injury. Our board-certified doctors and staff at NorthShore Orthopedics are ready to help you! We will give you a thorough examination, which can include a complete physical exam and x-rays of your injury. Our evaluation will be determined by the severity of the symptoms you are experiencing. Our diagnostics will help our providers determine the best course of action to treat your injury. There are many ways to treat knee injuries, but some may work better than others depending on your injury.

Dr. Soma has many years of experience in the field of orthopedic surgery. He has provided care for patients of all ages suffering from knee injuries or and illnesses affecting that area. Visit our clinic today if your knee doesn’t feel right. Some symptoms of a knee problem include joint paint, aching, or shooting pain when you move it a certain way.

Some common knee ailments and injuries

Bursitis – Under the skin above our knee is a sac that holds fluid called a bursa. This fluid helps prevent friction when your joints move. Falls, continued bending and kneeling, or overuse can irritate this bursa. This irritation can lead to swelling and pain. Sometimes referred to a “Preacher’s Knee,” it is more commonly referred to as bursitis.

Dislocated kneecap – When your kneecaps slide out of position, it will cause swelling and a lot of pain. Some doctors will refer to this as a patellar dislocation.

IT (iliotibial) band syndrome – There is a piece of very tough tissue that runs from the outer part of your knee to your hip, known as the iliotibial band or IT Band for short. It can become inflamed over time if you overdo an activity. This inflammation will cause pain on the outside of the knee. This injury is common in runners when they are running downhill

Meniscal tear – When the cartilage in the knee rips, these rough edges can get stuck in a knee joint. In turn, this will cause swelling and knee pain. People will have a sensation of their joint “catching” when they are active and suffering from this condition.

Osgood-Schlatter disease – This knee condition usually occurs when patients are young, and their bones and knees are still changing. A painful bump develops below the knee where the tendon and the kneecap connect over the shin. Irritation can occur at this point if you over exercise. It is very common in teenagers of both genders.

Osteoarthritis – This condition is the top cause of knee pain over the age of 50. It is arthritis that usually appears with the typical wear and tear of your knee. It causes your knee joint to swell or ache when you are active. Patients often experience stiffness early in the day.

Patellar tendinitis – This condition occurs when you have inflammation of the tendon connecting your kneecap to your shinbone. It is often called “Jumper’s Knee” because repetitive jumping is often the common cause of this inflamed soreness.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome – This condition is noted by tightness, alignment problems of the legs, and muscle imbalance. Patients will often experience knee pain, and their knees will “buckle.” Patients find themselves suddenly unable to bear their weight. This condition is more common for women than men

Northshore Orthopedics is the best place to go in Maui if you need high-quality orthopedic services. We work with patients of all ages in the area, and we provide our medical facilities throughout the week. Stop in today and visit with our experts. Our clinic is located at 1827 Wells St #1 Wailuku, HI 96793. Our clinic is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm and on Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. If you have questions about our services or if you’d like to make an appointment, call our friendly staff today at (808) 369-9337.

We look forward to meeting you and treating your knee pain.

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