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Knee Fracture Treatment Near me in Maui, HI

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Knee Fracture Treatment Near Me Maui, HI

A knee fracture can make it impossible for you to go to work, run daily errands, or enjoy activities with friends. If you have sustained an injury to your knee and think it may be fractured, the experienced orthopedic specialists at NorthShore Orthopedic can help.

What is the patella?

Unless you are a doctor or know one, you likely refer to the patella bone as the kneecap. It is a small bone that rests between the tibia and the femur. The patella is essential to the function of your knee. If the patella or the tendon that is associated with it suffers trauma, it can make it difficult or impossible to bend your knee. Without being able to use the knee joint properly, you can have problems walking, running, standing, and completing normal daily tasks.

What are common causes of a broken knee?

Some of the most common causes of a broken knee include falls, sports injuries, and automobile accidents. Falling directly onto the knee such as when falling up a flight of stairs can cause a break of the patella. It is also possible for the patella to be broken indirectly, such as when the quadricep contracts quickly and strongly.

What types of fractures can the patella sustained?

The type of fracture sustained in the patella may indicate the extent of the injury and what types of treatment options may be available. A stable fracture happens when the patella is broken, but the pieces of bone remain within 1-2 millimeters of each other. A displaced fracture will be obvious when the pieces are significantly separated on the x-ray. Comminuted fractures occur when the bone of the knee is shattered into 3 or more pieces. An open fracture is especially serious because it refers to a broken kneecap that has pierced the skin of the knee.

How does a doctor identify and diagnose a fractured knee?

The first step in appropriately diagnosing a broken knee is a physical examination during which your doctor will feel the patella and evaluate any swelling or bruising that may be visible. The most important step will be to have x-rays taken of your knee, so your doctor can see the extent of the fracturing in the bone.

What treatments are available for a fractured knee?

The treatment you receive will depend a great deal on the type of severity of the fracture sustained. Nonsurgical treatments for a fractured knee may include a splint or cast that will keep your knee straight as the patella heals. Whether you are able to put weight on your injured leg will depend on your individual fracture. Surgical treatment will likely be necessary if you have suffered a displaced fracture in order to set the pieces into a proper position, so they can heal together.

How do I know if I should see a doctor about my knee?

If you notice substantial pain, swelling, or bruising in your knee, you may wish to make an appointment with an experienced orthopedic doctor. It is always best to see a doctor if you feel that something is wrong, and if you find yourself struggling to straighten or extend your leg, or having difficulty walking, it is time to call NorthShore Orthopedic to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

If you think you may have suffered a knee fracture and live in or near Maui, contact NorthShore Orthopedic in Wailuku, HI to schedule an appointment with an experienced orthopedic doctor.

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